Where the Spirit Meets the Bone

Faith, Guts and God

"For those you encounter, have compassion
even if they don’t want it
what seems bad manners is always a sign…
of things no ears have heard…
of things no eyes have seen.
You do not know what wars are going on
down where the spirit meets the bone…"

Lucinda Williams

A spiritual presence appears in almost every Journey House story assuming multiple roles and powers: God the Father, the Devil, Savior, Judge, Holy Coach, Traitor, Apparition, and Vital Trusted Companion. The founders and staff at the Journey and Peace House are quite clear on the topic of Spirit. They embody Spirit as the pure infusion of respect, unconditional love, and dignity offered to every single woman who walks in the front door – women who have been traumatized and dehumanized by themselves and others, women who are soon to sense that they are not worthless.